My Way Is Love

Humankind was so interesting for me since I have born. They were trying to love, trying to be kind, trying to be full of peace without remembering that they have the source of love, kindness, and peace inside. This was innate but they were refusing to own it by regret, hate and fear.

I was 3-4 when I was asking my family that “Why God spends time for punishment instead of love, since he is pure love? Human understood something wrong and should learn immediately.” Yes, I was 3 years old that I deeply know in my heart that Allah, God, Creator, Universe, Devine Source what the Human prefer to call, is pure love. People understood well when they feel and thing just with their hearts. But they were told differently which make them think that universe is waiting for punishment and waiting right near them to say that they are sinner; they are bad and everything on Earth is designed to make them more sinner. There was no way for love, or it is too hard to find it. Their heart was full of negative emotions, their mind was full of rules which are impossible to be learned and to be applied. So, some of them left doing, some of them tried to do their best to achieve heaven of God forgetting that the heaven and the hell was inside their heart showing their selves by their behaviors, emotions, thoughts and their decisions. They were creating the hell and heaven in their all moments.

And there was something that has not suitted God who is just pure love. We human should have experience more lives, more opportunities to learn and implement our divine essence which was given all of us by Creator.

These were my childhood and youth times’ feelings and thoughts. I was trying to share them everybody who gives permission to talk. Somehow, I stopped saying them laud and my life challenges were started. I became an engineer and I loved my job in which I was in a colorful and creative business, but I was working 16 hours per every day. I have forgotten myself. Something was wrong but I had no time to think or find out why. My relationships was ending, I was earning too much money but I do not see them, I had always anger inside and I was seeing nightmares, I took almost 40 pounds and I was hardly feeling my body parts. I had even forgotten what I like to drink or eat, what really made me happy, what the meaning of joy was.

Suddenly I had a back paralysis without a known reason and could not even did my personal care and was getting help from my brother. It took almost two months to make my decision to live. I was asking for death. Yes, you heard true, it was so painful. Like my body had revenged me on not listening to it. At last I took a decision and choose life but this time I would listen to my inner wisdom and heart and I would find my true self and my life and soul purpose. In that period, I met Past Life Regression therapy. I was feeling that I would be able to transform my life and myself; my intent was to explore myself and my full potential. And so, it is.

My health got better, I lost 40 pounds, my nightmares were gone, I changed my job and I was earning enough and I was saving more, I met my lovely self and after the first sessions the grief that I was feeling deeply transformed to joy of life. I realized that I sacrificed myself to my company, to my friends and loved ones to make them happy and in comfort. Besides, I loved to make them happy and help them. So, in 2010 I decided to get the trainings to help people to meet their inner wisdom and recall their hidden potential. My love of learning and teaching, guiding, and supporting went on and I was specialized in unlocking the secret of illness, coaching in relationships and executives, emotional intelligence, inherited family trauma. In 2016 I resigned from my job as a Production and R&D Director in a corporate textile company and started a new life thereafter.

I feel totally that my aim is to spread the love, light, and joy I feel every minute in my life and to guide the people to connect the divine source to realize their own love, light, and joy. I believe in that emotions are the keys for humanity to build a new world with peace, love, joy, and spiritual abundance. The life that I chose to live is going on. It has struggling in some cases but this time I know very well that cases require more love and light.

Loves, Şermin Çetin

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